1. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Funny thing is that in the 80's we used to carry cellphones in suitcases because they were the size of suitcases. Do your really think we want start that kind of business again? No chance.
    You might wanna run that by the Android crowd
    06-30-2010 11:09 AM
  2. west3man's Avatar
    You'd use a BT headset or speaker. You wouldn't sit and hold the ipad to your head.

    Now i would need the portability of an iphone or similar, but for those who don't use a phone much, this is certainly easy to do and can save some money.

    I use a Palm Pre. I wanted access to some of the apps that were slow to come to the Pre, but I do not want a phone from AT&T, for reasons that I won't get into on this post. With this iPad 3G, I now have access to the apps, have Internet everywhere on it and can make phone calls using the app, Line 3, and my earbuds (or the speaker).

    So, to a certain extent, the iPad 3G *is* an iPhone killer, for me. Now that AT&T has shown their true colors even more, I am that much less likely to ever have any phone on their network. I am glad I got my iPad when I did.
    06-30-2010 11:40 AM
  3. Idelgado782's Avatar
    Yeah ummm no! Not for me. iPad is NOT an iPhone killer. Not in anyway. I don't use Skype or any of that and I'm perfectly happy with what I get out the iPhone. I would never want to HAVE to carry it around ALL the time. Not cool.
    07-02-2010 06:30 PM
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