1. Freefall25's Avatar
    I have read you can import books into ibooks as long as they are in epub format. I have seen in several reviews that books downloaded from the Sony Reader store used an examples (as they are in epub and can be read on other devices such as the nook).
    When I tried to do it myself the books will import into ibooks and show up on the shelf on the ipad. But, if I try to open them it says they are in an unknown format. I read on another forum that ibooks will only accept epub books with NO drm of any type which would exclude books from the Sony site. Yet, even today, I see in reviews that ibooks will read anything as long as it is in epub. Anyone have any more information about this?
    04-08-2010 10:37 AM
  2. Muero's Avatar
    Sony uses DRMed ePub that any Adobe DRM supporting device can access. The iBooks app cannot read the Sony/Adobe DRM. But elsewhere on the Internets I read that the Stanza app can read the Sony/Adobe DRM. The only thing is that right now Stanza is only made for the iPhone/iPod, not yet the iPad (the app will run, just not in full iPad resolution).
    04-09-2010 02:24 PM