Sell Your Old iPhone For Cash!

What's my iPhone worth?
  1. happycamping's Avatar
    Okay so I didn't pre order an iPad...kind of regretting it right now....while waiting for my sons (17 month old) surgery today I was able to see one in person and talk to the guy for about 10 minutes. I now REALLY want one! No apple store within a 2 hr radius and no best buy permitted to sell one within a 2 hr radius! I am considering the drive to buy one but wondering at this stage should I just wait it out....this is the one thing I hate and love about electronics.

    You buy the brand new electronic and love it....then a few months/year later there is a new and better model. But with a little kid at home I can't bring myself to change out every year to some new high end/expensive electronic

    Anyone else thinking they should of waited?
    04-07-2010 05:25 PM
  2. BriDroid's Avatar
    With consumer electronics, it's pretty much unavoidable that there will be something newer and better -- just like there's a new car model each year -- companies making money by enticing the buyer to have the newest, shiniest toy Sure, the next iPad could have a few more bells and whistles. But then, why buy THAT one when the NEXT one will have a few MORE bells and whistles? I'm not really one to talk because I've had each new iPhone iteration almost immediately upon release. However, a good friend of mine has disciplined himself to skip a generation -- he bought the 2G iPhone, passed on the 3G, then picked up the 3GS. You will always get something back from your item selling it used, so why not take the plunge and get the first iPad, enjoy it, and then decide down the road if you want to skip a generation or not? Either way, there should be value in the one you have and selling it will help offset the price of the new one. Good luck in your decision!
    04-07-2010 05:53 PM
  3. happycamping's Avatar
    Thanks to iBri for taking the time to type back! I am on the fence but will probably cave. I was sold till my son needed rush surgery on his ears and I don't know how much of that bill we are going to get nailed we just gutted our kitchen and have bought all new appliances (3 so far) but need the fridge yet.

    So I have been spending money like water right I was trying to hold off on iPad...but I am traveling in May...I might just "TRY" to convince the spouse to take the drive this weekend and get me an iPad...if I can find one...

    Anyone know if the stores have them yet?
    04-07-2010 08:31 PM
  4. whmurray's Avatar
    The stores have them. I have never been married so I my advice is worthless.
    04-07-2010 11:29 PM
  5. skirsk's Avatar
    Go for it. I'm having an absolute blast on mine. Its not like you need to be sold on the device, you are just asking whether to pull the trigger now, so I say go for it. What you may want to do is call ahead to the Apple and Best Buy stores just to make sure before driving two hours, but if they have plenty, you guys make a little day trip out of it.

    As for waiting for the newest thing, in the tech industry if you do that you will a)wait forever and b)never own anything. Every new technology is launching something else, and the competitors are always pushing each other to top one another. If you buy the iPad, you miss out on the HP Slate, and if you buy the Slate you miss out on the Tegra/Android tablet, and with that you miss out on the Microsoft Courier, etc. There will always be something new on the horizon.

    If it's any consolation, I'm still using my 3G iPhone, and while I'm excited to get the newest on in June, 2 years of using my current one has provided me so much utility that I can not even begin to explain. It was a very sound purchase. Now four days with my iPad, I already more than satisfied that I pulled the trigger. I had not pre-ordered one, and was still on the fence when walking into a BestBuy on Saturday, expecting only to play with the demo model. I had the money available, I pulled the trigger, and I've been playing with it non-stop since. So go get one and enjoy the heck out of it.

    p.s. As for having a little kid, the read along books for the iPad are really cool. I downloaded the free Toy Story one to check out, and first thing I thought was, "my nephew would adore this".
    04-08-2010 12:05 AM
  6. skirsk's Avatar
    I just found this too, that may be of interest before you head off this weekend. You may want to wait until Sunday if you are heading to Best Buy, according to this article.
    04-08-2010 12:52 AM
  7. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    I'm at the same crossroads you are at. Married with a child at home. I have the money just not sure yet. I have played with them and love them thats for sure. I'm just nervous because like you said I see next year a new one coming out with a front cam for video chatting or whatnot and then I'm stuck with the first model. I agree with the above though that you can always sell it (or hand it down to the wife haha). I am pretty sure I'll be buying one on the 15th (pay day!). Good luck with your decision and just remember...if you don't get the iPad now life will continue!
    04-08-2010 03:24 AM
  8. happycamping's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone...I love my iPhone as well and already know that in my heart of hearts that when a new one comes out that I will be purchasing two for my house since both me and my husband use ours and love it!

    I did alot of research last night and the hubby and I talked. We are going to order our new fridge (last appliance I am waiting on) and THEN we will make a drive with me to a store and buy my iPad. I am determined to have one by my trip time next month.

    Only thing is I do not believe anyone answered my question in another post yet and I haven't read enough apparently to find the answer. Is the iPad able to do multiple email accounts without having to go through the internet to do it?
    04-08-2010 05:56 AM
  9. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    Setup & add multiple email accounts on iPad

    As of now I believe its the same as the iPhone (dont own the iPad yet just played with one for a while in the Apple store) where you have to switch between the accounts. iPhone 4.0 OS is suppose to have a universal inbox but its not out yet. The preview though for it is in less than 5 hours so we shall see.
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    04-08-2010 07:17 AM
  10. whmurray's Avatar
    When I was in college, my dad, who watched a lot of television was waiting for them to perfect color TV before he bought one. The first Christmas after I graduated I bought him a color TV. Within a year, he had one in his bedroom, the kitchen, and on his boat. Still, he might have been the last to buy a flat panel HD, waiting for the next marginal feature.

    I think that it is difficult for those who do not have an iPhone and who ask the "when question" to appreciate how much value the iPhone delivers. They think in terms of the original iPhone and that it is about making phone calls.

    Those of us who use one, cannot imagine life without it. If mine were to be run over by a truck, I would replace it within the day and worry about how to pay for it later. My iPad is coming in weeks (The case came yesterday). I will pre-order the next iPhone on the first day that Apple takes orders.

    I gave 8 iPod Touches to children between 5 and 12 for Christmas. I am bending their little minds. For my birthday, I am giving Apple Store gift cards to these children.

    i do not know how to answer more clearly or strongly.
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    04-08-2010 09:14 AM
  11. BriDroid's Avatar
    One thing I would add.... "happy wife, happy life".... feel free to ignore this bit of advice haha.
    04-08-2010 11:08 AM
  12. JCat_IM's Avatar
    I was convinced 10 minutes into the key note speech back in January. lol But seriously, I know what you mean.. I'm sure a year from now or sooner, there will be an iPad with camera and other goodies, but I'm so much having a blast with it now, at this moment; once you use it - your hooked. Every time I turn it on I still cannot get over how fantastic it is and that screen spoils you to the point that other displays looks sickly. So if I were to wait to see if a camera pops up on the next model, I would not be able to be part of the community having a great time now... live for the moment! :-) But by all means, family first! Happy researching!

    04-08-2010 05:51 PM
  13. happycamping's Avatar
    So I finally did it! I bought an ipad last night. Of course after the 2 hr drive they were out of the 16GB and just HAD to purchase the 32GB. Haven't played with it much but love it so far!
    04-13-2010 08:03 AM
  14. BriDroid's Avatar
    Right on, happycamping! Enjoy that iPad. I'm jealous!
    04-13-2010 01:32 PM