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    Since the iPad went on the market last weekend, the war of iPad Apps has raged on.
    While there are many ways to send SMSs via web portals, or applications the trick in this service is to send an anonymous SMS and there is a relatively easy way to do this straight from your iPad.

    Sign up for a free account on Tamevo - Call, Fax & SMS Text - Try it now for free. Once youve set up your account you should have a new MSN friend called Tamevo on your contact list.

    Now right from the iPad. use any IM client that supports MSN (I personally prefer IM+). Once you have your app installed and ready, launch it and start a chat session with Tamevo.

    Type the following: ASMS [insert phone number here] [insert message here] and then hit send.

    Your friend will then receive the SMS to his/her phone from an anonymous sender.
    04-07-2010 11:57 AM