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  1. Element1924's Avatar
    So this morning I picked up and let me tell you, I am impressed!!! This thing flies and I am having a blast on it. The screen is gorgeous and the initial set of apps to download is just a glimpse of the great things to come.

    I plan on posting more once I play on it some more.

    What do other early adopters think so far?

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    04-03-2010 12:39 PM
  2. IPRick's Avatar
    It's been 100% awesome. There are some killer apps available (netflix). It is hands down the best Web surfing experience I've had to date. I don't even feel as though I need a Facebook app. The website itself looks awesome and works flawlessly. Native iPhone apps look terrible in the x2 mode. Awful enough that I cant stand the blockiness/blurriness on this wonderful display. I will definitely be updating all my old apps as soon as they become available. Lastly, it's a lot heavier than I anticipated. Holding it up with in a lying position with one hand gets tiring rather quickly. You have to pinch really tight with one hand when lying on your back and the iPad is in a vertical position (like reading a book).

    Edit: apps are buggy. I've had both the ABC and netflix apps crash while streaming.
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    04-03-2010 01:19 PM
  3. Crunch's Avatar
    The screen is definitely gorgeous. I'm still stunned that a $500 9.7" display would have an LED-backlit screen with IPS technology. (Can we have the MacBook Pro's with IPS now please?)

    It definitely has a coolness factor to it, and it is indeed very fast! I hope it'll grow on me, though, because the novelty aspect has already worn off.
    04-03-2010 02:30 PM
  4. cardfan's Avatar
    Give me a better way to sync apps. ipad compatible box please.

    Some apps have crashed..but to be expected.

    Not great to see in daylight wearing sunglasses. Don't have that problem with iphone.

    Tethers great with mywi.

    Haven't used indoors a lot yet. But screen is stunning. Is fast. Just now got home to sync..
    04-03-2010 05:24 PM
  5. cardfan's Avatar
    Not charging when hooked up to PC...hmmm

    Story on Engadget too after i noticed
    04-03-2010 05:29 PM
  6. Dman714's Avatar
    Love mine. I always end up using my touch to surf, but I am older and can't see that good so this is the best thing since the touch. Very very fast and like someone mention earlier really don't need the Facebook app as the web one works flawless. The blocky look of my touch apps don't bother me really but I guess for the money we paid looks like it would be better. Regardless I am very happy with mine.
    04-03-2010 06:18 PM