1. whmurray's Avatar
    That's right. According to the people's daily, USA Today, the iPad has been declared a "success." USAToday Declares iPad a Winner - PadGadget - The latest iPad news, app & accessory reviews

    It's true. It is now safe to come into the water. How about it, fence sitters?
    04-01-2010 09:49 AM
  2. BriDroid's Avatar
    Whether or not the iPad turns out to be wildly successful commercially, it wouldn't stop me from having one!
    04-01-2010 10:53 AM
  3. Bred0061's Avatar
    Still undecided on it. Might have to play with one in the store before I fall to either side.
    04-01-2010 11:54 AM
  4. whmurray's Avatar
    Still undecided on it. Might have to play with one in the store before I fall to either side.
    Check out youtube.
    04-01-2010 12:20 PM
  5. BriDroid's Avatar
    All I had to do was watch a few seconds of video on Apple's site, and I knew I had to answer the iPad's siren song. It will be mine, oh yes! It will be mine!
    04-01-2010 02:45 PM
  6. applecraze's Avatar
    I am still wandering on an iPad....
    Anyone has an advice?
    04-02-2010 02:20 AM
  7. cardfan's Avatar
    Here's an advice...go try one out at the store
    04-02-2010 08:27 AM
  8. Barrett316's Avatar
    the espn score center app in the store looks like it's pretty cool. it has embedded video and all kinds of cool things. i think the ipad will be a nice medium between iphone and macbook.
    04-02-2010 11:16 AM
  9. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I think as soon as it has flash, it will sell even more...
    04-02-2010 11:35 AM
  10. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    I want one but then again I dont want one. I still see it as a 10 inch iPhone but with new features and faster obviously. I want one tomorrow but I'll have to hold out and see what I think in the upcoming months. I'll stick with the iPhone and MacBook for now!
    04-02-2010 06:33 PM
  11. Lady Kaede's Avatar
    Still waiting, waiting -- Christmas looks likely. After 3G release and OS 4.0 at least. But it is hard to wait . . .
    04-04-2010 06:56 AM
  12. whmurray's Avatar
    Still undecided on it. Might have to play with one in the store before I fall to either side.
    I ordered the 3G version and I will be in Europe the last week in April. I had a note from Apple on Friday telling me "that my order had shipped." I had a few good moments before I realized that they were telling me to expect my case on Wednesday.

    So, yesterday I went to the Apple Store. The crowd had to be metered in and out of the store and there was a queue for those interested in the iPad. There was one 'genius,' Joe, at the front of the store who was demonstrating, To do this well, one must be enthusiastic and able to read and operate upside down. Joe had enthusiasm and was reasonably good at upside down.

    In the back right of the store there was an iPad "workshop" beginning on the half hour. Here knowledge was the key ingredient. I learned a lot. Because I had seen Andy Ihnatko" demo on TWIT, so did the "genius."

    This is an Apple product in every sense of the word. It is innovative. It simply oozes quality. The screen is everything you have been led to expect. It is bright, quick, and can be viewed at an oblique angle. Scrolling and zooming are fast and smooth. Even the on-screen keyboard is a winner. Hell, I even liked the case.

    Even if the iPad is not for you, and it is not for everyone, buy Apple stock.
    04-04-2010 09:11 AM