1. cardfan's Avatar
    That little voice shouting to me that i'm crazy to be spending around 900 on what is basically a kindle/ipod touch has won out. The 64gb 3G version that is.

    Now that my senses have come back to me, i canceled that order.

    And ordered a 16gb wifi version instead and the cover.

    Some reasons:

    1. 499 is much more acceptable for this type of device.

    2. I will need to purchase iPad apps. Yes....need to..lol. Saving $330 helps.

    3. I just won't need GPS on this. Saves a few gb by not having Navigon installed.

    4. The idea of having a wifi hotspot app on a phone is catching on IMO. First the Verizon Plus Pre. Now the Evo 4G. Soon the iphone? Besides that, the times i would need 3G are few.. Plus i have mywi on jailbroken iphone.

    5. I don't really need 64gb of space as i have no need to put much music if any on it (my iphone is my ipod). Same with video..though i can still pack some on it when i need to. It's still a Kindle/web browser type of device to me.

    6. I get an additional month of use out of it by getting it on the 3rd.

    7. I have an iphone.
    03-26-2010 01:19 PM
  2. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    No, but I ordered the 16GB WiFi to start with. I'll probably get a 3G as well so I can review it and saving the cash makes the double-punch easier to take
    03-27-2010 08:46 PM
  3. cardfan's Avatar
    Well knowing me, my wife will get that and i'll still order the 3G one :P
    03-27-2010 09:09 PM
  4. MikeCase's Avatar
    I was planning on getting the 16GB WIFI but as I went to pre-order it, I impulsed on the 32GB WIFI for $100 more. Afterwards, I had second thoughts and if I should cancel and go for the 16GB since I'm usually not far from my MacBook Pro. After a lot of thinking I figured that the 32GB was the right size for me and my rate of consumption since I really like to pack a lot of media on my 8GB iPhone and I'm always having to sync.

    Also, with the way the iPhone has been going, the 32GB iPad will be the bottom tier next generation and by then I'll know if 32GB is good for me or if I should upgrade in size when the next generation comes out. Which by then I know my wife will be really wanting one and I can just pass down the old one and buy me the 2nd gen
    03-28-2010 09:04 PM
  5. BriDroid's Avatar
    I labored over this for a while... was originally planning on the 32GB WiFi version, but then gave in to my nature and went for the 64GB 3G version, even though I'll have to wait a little longer. I like having the option to access 3G if I need it without tethering to my jailbroken iPhone (still like having that option via MyWi). I don't ever want to worry about memory either.
    03-29-2010 03:49 PM
  6. Fairoasis2's Avatar
    I'm wishing I would have ordered the WiFi only so it would be here on Saturday. This waiting an additional month is agony!
    03-29-2010 05:16 PM