1. IBrunix's Avatar
    Taken on the first day black 16GB.
    Very first impressions.
    It seems much more responsive than the iPad 2 I do not know what can depend on.
    Very important i guess the GPS chip is in !!! I did several tests with maps and found my position with absolute precision (I think the diff is that the wifi chip is a standard GPS while in the cellular is a GPS chip GLONASS) epic fail of apple specifications on the web.
    I have tried both ibooks that Comixology (one of the main reasons was ebook but especially comic reader) perfect vision.
    The lack of the retina does not see it, I'll have vision problems? From owner of iphone 4 put a little bit of the side you notice subtle but really (unless you use a magnifying glass)
    I personally believe that, especially for the size and weight, give several points to his older brother.
    I predict a boom for the next Christmas.
    11-04-2012 12:37 AM

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