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    I thought I had posted here in the past, but after doing a search, there is only 1 post from me from when I had a short stint with an iPhone 4s.

    I was an active member on the WebOS forums when it was a relevant mobile OS and was later active on the Windows Central forums (even a moderator for a while). While I don't spend much time on the WC forums anymore, I still follow their podcast with Zac and Daniel.

    I've now been Android free for 16 months, and staying strong. Admittedly I was never thrilled with Android, but before I tried the X/Xr iPhones with the missing home button, Android seemed like my best option.

    I've got a couple of apps in the iOS app store. FWIW, all 3 had versions on WP.

    Anyhow, you may see me lurking here in the forums from time to time.
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    03-04-2020 10:25 AM
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    Hello to you and welcome back to iMore!
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    03-04-2020 10:55 AM
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    Welcome back, sinime!
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    03-04-2020 10:56 AM
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    Hello and good day to you. Welcome to iMore.
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    03-04-2020 11:09 AM
  5. kataran's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore

    I’m also a former webOS fan.

    Gestures on iOS have come a long way

    Enjoy and Post Often
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    03-04-2020 11:19 AM
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    Welcome to iMore .
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    03-04-2020 02:52 PM
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    Hello and welcome to iMore, enjoy the forums and post often.
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    03-04-2020 05:47 PM
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    03-04-2020 05:53 PM
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    Welcome to iMore!
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    03-04-2020 06:50 PM
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    Hooray and welcome
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    03-04-2020 09:07 PM
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    Hello, welcome to iMore.
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    03-04-2020 10:28 PM
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    Welcome to the dark side. We have better cookies.
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    03-05-2020 05:49 AM
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    Welcome to the dark side!

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    03-05-2020 09:40 AM
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    Welcome to iMore
    03-18-2020 05:13 PM
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    03-19-2020 07:45 AM
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    Welcome back...enjoy!
    03-25-2020 04:49 PM
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    Welcome to iMore!!!! Post early and post often...
    03-25-2020 05:04 PM
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    03-28-2020 09:50 AM

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