1. keithburton16's Avatar
    Hi, I’m a dedicated podcast listener who has decided to join the Forum for a chance to chat with everyone.

    I’ve worked in technology for over 30 years now with all manner of Apple and Microsoft technologies.

    I drive a MINI Cooper and am a proud committee member of our local MINI club.

    I’m a fully paid-up, card-carrying nerd who enjoys Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel and WWE.

    I follow Chelsea FC and the New York Football Giants. I’m the founder of NY Giants Fans UK.
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    04-01-2018 08:12 AM
  2. calebt's Avatar
    Hi, welcome.
    04-01-2018 08:29 AM
  3. kataran's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore

    Enjoy and Post Often
    04-01-2018 09:12 AM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    04-01-2018 11:00 AM
  5. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Greetings and salutations. Welcome to iMore. We're glad you're here.
    04-01-2018 11:44 AM
  6. wilber1's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore .
    04-01-2018 06:46 PM
  7. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Enjoy
    04-02-2018 11:28 AM
  8. isatenrisumpala's Avatar
    Welcome and enjoy
    04-02-2018 05:47 PM
  9. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Excellent introduction and thank you for joining the iMore Forums, sir...
    04-02-2018 07:10 PM
  10. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Make yourself at home and enjoy the site!
    04-03-2018 08:33 AM
  11. bakron1's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore and enjoy the site.
    04-03-2018 04:02 PM
  12. taz323's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore.
    04-03-2018 07:48 PM
  13. pr1nce's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Enjoy your stay!
    04-05-2018 01:54 PM
  14. Quis89's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to iMore!
    04-05-2018 02:02 PM
  15. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to iMore! It's nice to have you here. My husband and I honeymooned in England, Wales & Scotland 24 years ago. We loved and and hope to visit again someday! I'm also an Eli Manning fan, so I too root for the NY Giants! Have fun here, and enjoy the forums!
    04-05-2018 02:14 PM
  16. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    04-05-2018 06:22 PM
  17. Frehley's Avatar
    Hey keith...welcome to iMore and enjoy
    04-05-2018 07:19 PM

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