1. mmedez's Avatar
    Hey guys! Meds here from the philippines. New to the gang. Looking forward to learning and sharing ideas about anything apple.

    05-28-2017 09:43 AM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Welcome to iMore!

    Enjoy the site and post often!
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    05-28-2017 10:06 AM
  3. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Make yourself at home and enjoy the site!
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    05-28-2017 10:14 AM
  4. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Good morning, and welcome to the iMore Forums...
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    05-28-2017 10:18 AM
  5. Matty's Avatar
    Warm welcome to iMore @mmedez! 😃 Thanks for joining the forums. Great to have you here with us.

    What device are you currently using?
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    05-28-2017 10:55 AM
  6. kataran's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore

    Enjoy and Post Often
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    05-28-2017 11:03 AM
  7. mumfoau's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore, @mmedez! Glad to have you aboard and we look forward to seeing you around the forums!
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    05-28-2017 11:42 AM
  8. mmedez's Avatar
    @Matty iphone 5s. It still works for me. OS still running smooth at 10.3.2. Planning to upgrade soon.
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    05-28-2017 01:12 PM
  9. mmedez's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Appreciate the welcome
    05-28-2017 01:13 PM
  10. Matty's Avatar
    @Matty iphone 5s. It still works for me. OS still running smooth at 10.3.2. Planning to upgrade soon.
    Haha sorry, I remember you asked about the difference between the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 7 in another thread. Should have remembered that you were on the 5s. Anyway, see you around the forums.
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    05-28-2017 02:09 PM
  11. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore!
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    05-28-2017 03:49 PM
  12. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Enjoy the site.
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    05-28-2017 10:27 PM
  13. taz323's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore.
    05-29-2017 12:39 AM
  14. workittywork's Avatar
    Mabuhay tayong lahat, mmedez! This is my first iPhone ever - SE - and it's been with me for 6 mos now. I've been a fan of pocketable phones (-;
    05-29-2017 05:09 AM
  15. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    05-29-2017 06:44 AM
  16. wilber1's Avatar
    Warm welcome to iMore glad to have you aboard .
    05-29-2017 07:04 AM
  17. bakron1's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to iMore and our great community.
    05-30-2017 07:58 PM

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