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    And I thought the forums here were pretty busy. Crackberry must be like the 405 at rush hour!

    Welcome toi iMore.
    CrackBerry is a lot more active than iMore but there are some very good reasons for this. In all honesty, there is more to discuss about BlackBerry devices. Activity on CrackBerry that isn't relevant to iMore.
    • Will Apple continue to make handsets beyond the next few months? Whether they want to admit it or not, there is a real possibility that BlackBerry will stop producing devices in the near future. There is no need for this type of thread here on iMore.
    • What is the work around to install a popular app? This is not a problem for iDevice users and therefore is a irrelevant discussion for iMore. If one of us wants an app, we go to the App Store, download, and install it.
    • When will customers in the USA receive the latest software update? When Apple updates the OS it is pushed directly to our devices.
    • BlackBerry users are superior to users of other devices. This is a favorite topic on CrackBerry. Since none of the posters I know of on iMore base their self esteem on their phone or tablet, these type of threads don't exist here.
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