1. andrewlpn's Avatar
    Hey everyone!

    Seems like a very friendly community over here!

    My name is Andrey, and I figured out how to use Xcode to publish a game to iOS!
    Cool, huh? Well, just kidding, but I do have to say that the only game I made would not be possible without help from amazing people. It is good to know that no matter where we are from, we can always find a way to work together.

    What else? Well, I will try to use my first creation to bring at least just a bit more happiness to this world. Anything else would be a spoiler, I guess!

    See you guys later!
    03-20-2015 01:07 PM
  2. zerog46's Avatar
    Welcome aboard.
    03-20-2015 01:47 PM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    03-20-2015 01:47 PM
  4. taz323's Avatar
    03-20-2015 02:24 PM
  5. nikkisharif's Avatar
    Hey Audrey...Welcome to iMore
    03-20-2015 02:24 PM
  6. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore, Andrey!
    03-22-2015 03:23 PM
  7. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Make yourself at home and enjoy the site!

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5. ☮
    03-22-2015 04:10 PM
  8. kataran's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore

    Enjoy and Post Often
    03-23-2015 07:15 PM
  9. Spencerdl's Avatar
    03-24-2015 09:53 AM
  10. PompiPompi's Avatar
    Hi Andrey, I am also a hobbyist game developer and I am also new here.
    I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Seems like a nice place.
    03-24-2015 03:45 PM
  11. pr1nce's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore!
    03-25-2015 10:54 PM
  12. jaiswalvivek's Avatar
    Hi Everyone. Welcome to iMore community
    03-28-2015 12:26 AM

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