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    You're going to love the 5S...Welcome!

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    11-23-2013 02:50 AM
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    Hey I know you from somewhere lol. Good to see you here
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    11-23-2013 11:28 AM
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    Hey guys! While I have technically been a member here for a while, I haven't really been active and I don't think I ever did an introduction so here it is! I have never owned an iPhone or iPad and to be honest, I never thought that I might. iOS bored the heck out of me until iOS 7 came along. While some people don't like it and think it's too flashy, colorful, or whatever, I think it is just what Apple needed to spice up iOS. It worked for me! I don't find it boring anymore and the multitasking (which was my main gripe) is now MUCH better.

    My list of phones started with a BlackBerry Tour 9630 back in 2010. For my upgrade in late 2011 I decided to get the "super phone" Droid Razr and in all honesty, I didn't like it. That lasted about 6 months and by mid 2012 I was on a BlackBerry Bold 9930. I was excited for BB10 but before I planned on buying a Z10, I wanted to try the full touch BlackBerry Torch 9850 so I traded the Bold for the Torch in early 2013. On launch day in March, I bought the Z10 off contract and used that until about 2 months ago when I traded that for a Nokia Lumia 928. My upgrade has been due since August and I wanted to try a Windows Phone out to see if it would be the phone that I would upgrade to. I really do like it.

    Now I am eager to use my upgrade. BlackBerry has really disappointed me with the lack of execution with just about everything to do with BB10. No apps, no marketing, and the Z30 I find to be very unimpressive. I honestly want to give the iPhone 5s a fair shot due to iOS 7 and it appears to be the front runner (only ahead of the yet to be released Nokia Lumia 929).

    I just wanted to give you my phone "history" just to show a little bit of who I am. A little bit more about me: I am a very avid golfer and will definitely get antsy this winter when I can't golf. I am also a fanatic of baseball and football. My teams are the Red Sox and Eagles. I am also a self proclaimed tech enthusiast.

    Back to phones, I am not partial to any particular manufacturer and if I am not happy with what I have, I am not afraid to change it . While I did really enjoy BB10, there are other factors that turned me away from BlackBerry. When I upgrade, a company needs to win me over with their phone and Apple seems to have done that with the iPhone 5s. Hopefully the community can help me out the my decision.
    Like you I started in crackberry.com with the tour and then got the storm 2 the day it was announced. Up until I traded in for the 5S, it was the original model, dropped 3 times on cement without a case; suffering only very minor case scratches.

    After 3.5+ years I wanted a new phone and really wanted the Z30. I played with the Z30 in the store for a half hour and really liked it. Deal breaker was the size. So my only other option, as it's a work phone, was an iphone and I chose the 5S.

    While it clearly is a shiny new toy, I find my primary usage, email, was better on BES. Due to bugs in IOS, we cannot respond to calendar invitations on IOS, never an issue on Blackberry. Email search was better on Blackberry. Battery life much better on my Blackberry doing basic functions such as call and email. However using the iphone "as intended" results in abysmal battery life. However I have a mophie case that definitely helps.

    That said, call quality is a step up on the 5S. Browsing is no comparison and I have apps that could not be had on the BB. The phone is fast and I like the screen. Notifications customization is better on the Blackberry. While people rave about the camera, it is okay...I've missed some "keeper" shots due to slowness to focus; shots I would not have missed with my DSLR. Touch id is nice and so is Siri. At first I kind of laughed at it, but it is nice to be able to say: "remind me at 10am to get a haircut" instead of interface with the phone.

    I'm a paranoid person, as I deal with security in a digital age, however, I turned on every option in location services and system services. Let the phone track me, phone home or whatever. I'm kind of interested to see if the iphone can help improve my daily efficiency, rather than being a navigation device and/or email extension.

    All in all it's a nice upgrade and I'm happy to have a new toy; but if the Z30 came packaged like the Z10 with new hardware that would have been my choice of phone.
    11-23-2013 01:41 PM
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    Hey AJST! Welcome...
    11-23-2013 02:46 PM
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