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    Hundreds of people seek information about their Apple devices and often find themselves visiting the iMore Blog and the iMore Forums. Some people make a single visit, ask their question(s), receive their answer(s) and then are never heard from again whereas others end up becoming active members of our community. To those of us who are considered mainstays, we do not care if you're a one-time visitor or a frequent & active member, we will welcome you all the same and that is why I'd like to bring attention to the iMore Forums Introduction Thread.

    There are numerous threads of people who opt to simply say "hi", "first time here", "newbie here", "long time listener, first time caller" or even "I'm back". In whatever manner you choose to introduce yourself, you will find members welcoming you sincerely, including forum moderators and Ambassadors. Go ahead, take a peek at any of the introduction threads here at iMore and you will see what I mean. Use this link: Introductions - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at

    Since we are an Apple-centric entity, it is important to us that we try to provide a level of service to our members as Apple does to its customers, and just like people are warmly welcomed upon entering an Apple Store, we try to warmly welcome visitors when they introduce themselves here at iMore. Isn't that great? I've had visitors tell me that the iMore community is more helpful, more welcoming and has a community feel to it. That means a great deal to us because it means we're doing something right and our eagerness to welcome people to our community is the first step. There's a saying that "first impressions are lasting." Well, we hope that the way we welcome visitors to our community leaves a lasting impression. Anyway, if you'd like to introduce yourself, visit the aforementioned link. Come on in and let me be the first to welcome you to iMore…
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