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    Everyday is viewed by thousands of guests and members. People come here looking for help, research and often just general discussion for their iOS devices and Mac Hardware. Moderators are here to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We keep the forums clean and tidy. Handling some of the tasks below, and offering members guidance when they go astray from our Community Rules and Guidelines. has the highest regard for individuals who volunteer their time to be a moderator.

    In the following posts you will find a small intro/bio written by some of the Moderators so you can get to know a little more about them.

    John Yester
    Moderator Team Leader,

    Tasks/Goals of Our Moderators

    • Responding to Member Reported Posts
    • Helping with member questions in Unanswered threads and throughout the forum
    • Killing Spam, and handling other forum chores (moving and re titling threads, closing duplicate threads, etc)
    • Ongoing support & participation in various devices and areas within the forums
    • Respect for the community and its members

    How are Moderators selected?

    • Picked by Moderator Team Leader, & Community Manager
    • Recommended by Moderator Moderator Staff

    I am John, Moderator Team Leader. My whole life I have always loved gadgets even today I am very involved in the mobile technology spectrum. I am a IT consultant for local government and federal agencies. I am also a First Responder/Fire Fighter, so when I am not on any of the forums I am more likely running into a burning building.... I have been working with a development team over the past 9 months build a mobile dispatch and mapping platform for iOS for Emergency Responders to use in the field.

    I have been with Mobile Nations for quite some time now..I joined back in 2007 with my first BlackBerry device(8330). While providing full time support to users on the forums, and managing BES for my work, I became quite familiar with BlackBerry devices overtime, but I wanted to give more back to the mobile smart phone community. So I joined the Moderation team back in 2008 and recently retired in 2012.

    Making the switch to iOS for development a fresh start into Apple Eco-System, I joined up with the iMore Moderator Team to help continue support for users of all mobile technology and Mobile Nations as a whole.
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    06-17-2013 12:39 AM
  2. Laelipoo's Avatar
    Hello everyone.

    I got my start at Mobile Nations when the Pre came out. I loved that phone. I homebrewed, I hacked, I overclocked it, and I was happy to help others tweak their webOS devices to the extreme. The fact that it was so easy, and so welcomed by Palm, made me very happy. Eventually, we saw the beginning of the end, and since I already had a Mac and an iPod, I decided to just bite the bullet, and I got my first iPhone, the 3GS.

    I came into iOS when it was still at 4.2.1, and I was quickly introduced to the concept of jailbreaking. While not as easy as homebrew was (DFU versus the konami code), I picked it up quickly and started tweaking to my heart's content. I have run my phone stock, and I do love the iOS atmosphere, but the added bonuses from jailbreaking are what truly make me happy. Of course I switched to iMore then, and started diving into all the threads. Before I knew it, almost three years passed, and eventually I was asked to join the team here as a moderator.

    ​So that's me.
    06-17-2013 08:33 AM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Who is JustMe’D? Well, I am a young retiree from Orlando. I'm a tech enthusiast who enjoy learning from as well as helping people whenever I can. I'm very outspoken, but I try to do it in a polite and respectful manner, but sometimes I fail, but hey, doesn't that make me human? Anyway, I'm an avid reader, especially tech blogs, political news and articles, Vince Flynn books or similar and the Bible. I joined the iMore community in 2011 and have enjoyed interacting with its members ever since. I enjoy the atmosphere here as well as the common interest we share of Apple products. Not long ago, I was Blessed to be asked to join the team of moderators and then asked to lead the iMore Ambassador team. Before that, I was a member and frequent contributor in various tech forums spanning several platforms. I'm a former Walt Disney World employee, an inactive Marine, a retired City government employee and I enjoy being Just Me, D.
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    06-17-2013 11:50 AM
  4. taz323's Avatar
    Hi, my name is Bill,

    I am a 53 y/o who has been working at a job for the last 18 years that has taught me a lot about myself and people I have met. I am an emergency medical tech (EMT) and a emergency dispatcher, and is a job I can't see me giving up any time soon.

    I came over Mobile Nations , CrackBerry just about three years ago, and was a big fan of Blackberry devices from the Curves to the Bolds and the PlayBook. Even though I like the devices, I found myself wanting things that I just was just not finding at Blackberry. I was always curious about Apple and their devices, had a few iPods. But did not know what I was missing until I picked up my first iPhone the 4s. And I was hooked.

    At this point I have the iPhone 5, and the IPad 4, and even though I don't need it I'm eyeing the 5s. I am a person who loves tech and how it has progressed over the years. I am a person who never wants to stop learning and I like to share the things I have learned. I am new to this Moderating Team, who is filled with very friendly and helpful people, who I can only hope to learn a lot from.
    I am very glad to be here,
    Thank you, Bill
    10-31-2013 11:51 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    Hi I'm pr1nce. I live in Northern Illinois. I've worked in the radio broadcasting industry for 32 years. In my spare time I enjoy watching college football and basketball. However, my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals! I also enjoy learning and helping others with mobile technology. I was a longtime BlackBerry user. After several years of multiple BB devices, I purchased my first iPhone in 2012, an iPhone 4S. It was so dependable and easy to use I was hooked and I haven't looked back. I wanted to learn all I could about my 4S, so I became a member of the iMore community. I enjoy being on the forums and helping others when I can. I've learned a lot and met some great people here who have become friends. I was asked to join the iMore Ambassador team in October of 2013. Then a couple of months later I was asked to take on a dual role as an iMore Moderator, as well. I'm on the forums everyday and enjoy spending time here. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to send me a PM. See ya on the forums!
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  6. John Yester's Avatar
    Rock solid!

    hi i'm pr1nce. I live in northern illinois. I've worked in the radio broadcasting industry for 32 years. In my spare time i enjoy watching college football and basketball. However, my favorite team is the st. Louis cardinals! I also enjoy learning and helping others with mobile technology. I was a longtime blackberry user. After several years of multiple bb devices, i purchased my first iphone in 2012, an iphone 4s. It was so dependable and easy to use i was hooked and i haven't looked back. I wanted to learn all i could about my 4s, so i became a member of the imore community. I enjoy being on the forums and helping others when i can. I've learned a lot and met some great people here who have become friends. I was asked to join the imore ambassador team in october of 2013. Then a couple of months later i was asked to take on a dual role as an imore moderator, as well. I'm on the forums everyday and enjoy spending time here. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to send me a pm. See ya on the forums!
    02-06-2014 08:51 AM
  7. Speedygi's Avatar
    Hi guys, It's Jeremy here. I'm probably the only Asian, Singaporean moderator here in iMore. I consider that an honor, not just because of that distinction but to be able to contribute in the best ways I can to this community. I have been one of most rabid fans of Mobile Nations this side of the globe and have been involved in the mobile industry for a good few years now. I was a moderator in a Nexus S community that existed way back when the Nexus device line was taking off. Fresh off the Nexus One, the followup was every bit as exciting, and needless to say a community formed. It was a forum one of my friends started so I was thrilled to be an integral part of that community. Gained alot of knowledge just researching on rooting and what not, even going to the extent of creating help guides for the local Android community there.

    Naturally, Android Central became THE destination for me, which at that time was really taking off. Those guys, including some of the best moderators I have seen, really made things so warm and intellectual there, along with Phil and gang. They really opened up my eyes to how an Android Community SHOULD be run. It was only a matter of time I got really into the Mobile Nations content. I have seen some pretty good tech websites elsewhere but never one as closely knitted as Mobile Nations.

    A phone junkie from the good old days of Nokia (I even had the N-Gage for goodness sake), I first got hooked into the Apple ecosystem with the first iPhone. My father went to great measures to hunt down a first generation iPhone, God bless him, and that just cemented my love for Apple, started with the first iPod, still one of the greatest single designs for a consumer device in my book. I had since moved on to many devices, a Z10, a Galaxy S1, a Nexus S of course, a Galaxy Nexus, a Lumia 900 and 925, and now a Galaxy S4, but I have had iPhones in between those devices, a 4S, a 3G, a 5. They have been the most sublime experiences in all of mobile, as far as I was concerned.

    As for how I got to be a moderator, lets just say I made alot of good strides in Crackberry which got me to know James and a few others from the team. They were such welcoming people to let a guy like me (who they probably didn't know from Adam) get a chance to be a part of the fabric in iMore, providing some of the best help and content to the community here. Like I said, it's an honor to be a part of all of this, and I really am grateful for the rain men. I have nothing but the best things to say about them.

    Let's make the iMore community the best we can make it, shall we?
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    02-19-2014 10:02 AM
  8. HAWK's Avatar
    Hi I'm Ben. I am a 30 year old father of two daughters, and have been married to my wife since 2008. I live in Canada, and work in the oil and gas industry. I love anything to do with technology and my main interests are cell phones in general. I love iPhone and apple products and I also love my Samsung products as well I'm what you would call a "swinger" between the android and iPhones, but always seem to be more sided with my apple products. Away from technology I love to spend time with my family, quading, hunting and I'm not a drinker like many of my friends so I do a lot of "designated driving", which I don't mind either. I love my NFL, NHL and CFL (Canadian football) and used to compete in downhill mountain biking before my knee injury but i still like to get out and ride.
    I love coming to iMore because of the awesome people that it has, and there is never a dull moment here which has really kept my interest up over the time that I've been here. I have made quite a few friends since joining. I'd like to thank John Yester and James for the opportunity to come help here on the forums and I look forward to many more years meeting more of you and also helping in anyway I possibly can. I have a great time here at iMore.

    H A W K
    Attached Thumbnails Meet The Moderators of iMore-uploadfromtaptalk1413314839681.jpeg  
    10-14-2014 03:27 PM
  9. TLD1's Avatar
    Hi, folks...I'm Terry Davis, although I'm known as TLD1 here as a Moderator on iMore, and on our sister Mobile Nations website CrackBerry. I'm originally from the great state of Texas, but have spent the last 12-years in I'm a naturalized Ozark hillbilly now! I've spent the last 35-years in the retail automobile business, and am currently a sales manager at a family Springfield GM dealership. What little "life" I have is spent with music, riding motorcycles, fishing, boating on the lake & serving at my church. I've been all about mobile devices for years, and I've called these Mobile Nations websites "home" since 2008. I'm happy to be aboard the Moderator Team here at iMore to serve this community, and to do all I can to keep it a thriving place where information is shared and we can all have fun talking about what we enjoy!

    If I can be of help to anyone, I'm a PM away.

    01-26-2016 04:00 PM
  10. zocster's Avatar
    I'm new here, a family man with 2 kids. Have had BlackBerry for the longest time. Apple convert since the 6+.

    Thanks for the opportunity to serve the iMore community.

    03-14-2016 12:01 AM
  11. Spencerdl's Avatar

    Hello Everyone, my name is Derrick but I'm known as Spencerdl on iMore and Mobile Nations. I love anything tech, I've been a Mobile Nations member since 2009, and have used a smartphone for approximately 10 years starting with a Blackberry. I'm glad to be part of the Moderator team on iMore. If you have any questions or problems please don't hesitate to ask. See everyone around the forums.
    03-14-2016 03:20 AM
  12. eyecrispy's Avatar
    Just realized that I never formally intro'd myself since becoming a mod.

    Name is cat. Been active on the different Mobile Nations sites for a number of years. Also the Ambassador TL over at sister site Connectedly.

    Outside of these forums, I am a mother of three girls. Wife to one husband. I tinker with gadgets constantly and buy more tech than I do clothes. I am also workout very regularly and love running more than almost anything else. I also play a handful of instruments and sing for my church band. I live in the St. Louis metro area and work in IT for a major financial firm. Love what I do day in and day out -- from being the mommy-bus for the kiddos to my job to planning my next gadget purchase.

    Glad to be working with you all and I apologize for the tardiness of this post.
    01-24-2017 01:28 PM

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