1. tazz007's Avatar
    Hi all, iam chris from ny i wanna get either an ipad mini or a 4th gen ipad
    Right now i have a android tablet its built nice but the android OS is bad and buggy i was going to get a ipad but my friend talked me in to the android tablet never again lol.
    04-19-2013 01:34 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore, sir. Hopefully, you will find it informative, fun and worthy of your time. In regard to getting either an iPad Mini or 4th generation iPad, feel free to check out the reviews of both via iMore --- iPad Mini Review and 4th Generation iPad Review. In the meantime, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the forum Community Rules & Guidelines. Take care and have a great day...
    04-19-2013 08:41 AM
  3. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Welcome to the iMore community and I hope you have a pleasant time here. I am sure you will find the many forums quite useful.
    04-19-2013 10:12 AM
  4. Alli's Avatar
    Hi Chris. Where in NY are ya? Which are you leaning towards, the 4 or the mini? I went from the 2 to the mini. Much prefer the form factor.

    Welcome to our community!
    Jaguarr40 likes this.
    04-19-2013 10:14 AM
  5. tazz007's Avatar
    I live on long island new york.and thanks for the warm welcomes.
    I like both the mini and 4th gen so it's a toss up if they both can do the same i will get the mini walmart hasthe mini for 299 and i wonde if best buy will price match
    04-19-2013 08:42 PM
  6. Alli's Avatar
    I used to live in NY - Rockland county. My son's in Brooklyn, and my daughter has defected over to NJ.

    Right now, the two big differences between the mini and the 4 are size and resolution. I can't tell the difference between a retina and non retina screen, so for me it's the portability.
    04-20-2013 09:31 AM
  7. phreddyl's Avatar
    Born and raised in Brooklyn before I defected to CT. I have family in Massapequa. I love the mini! I have the 3rd gen iPad and it collects dust. So lightweight and portable.
    04-20-2013 09:57 AM
  8. Bl00dRunzC0ld's Avatar
    It depends on what you're going to do with your ipad. If you're like me and watch a lot of video or read a lot of comics then get the 4. If not, go with the mini. Also welcome to imore.
    04-20-2013 12:38 PM

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