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    Hey guys, need some recommendations. My band has just added a keyboard player to our lineup, and for most of our music it works OK, but we're having a difficulty getting her to mesh with some of our music, particularly when we play funkier rock stuff and heavy stuff.

    In particular, we're trying to avoid the more "classic" rock keyboard / organ sounds - say Deep Purple 'Highway Star' solo sound that tends to be used by bands like Dragon Force, Dream Theater and the like. In the funkier songs it makes it sound way too Stevie Wonder, and in the rock songs it sounds far too retro.

    So far we've looked at Faith No More for the more Funk-Metal stuff we do and Nine Inch Nails for some of the harder stuff.

    What I'm looking for is more modern rock bands that make good use of keyboards, especially in a funk-metal / hard rock sound. Suggestions?
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