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    She laughed and wiggled against me. But then her thigh moved up higher against me, brushing most of the length of the steel pipe inside my tight boxer briefs. I gasped, she went silent and quickly moved her leg away. I was afraid she'd move away entirely, but her body remained pressed against me. Her mouth was open in surprise, and then she looked away. The awkward moment stretched.
    "I, uh..." I began, but then Jenny was looking at me and the smile was back.

    "So that's where we are," she said, her cheerfulness a tiny bit forced, but I felt a huge relief that she was going to pretend to ignore what just happened.

    "Yeah, I can see it must be hard for you, uh I mean difficult for you, not to have her here right now," I said, trying to follow her lead and jump back into the conversation. "You're going through some emotional stuff. Not a great time to be alone."

    She regarded me for a moment. She seemed to be trying to decide something.
    "Actually...that's not the only reason," she said. Her leg moved again, until it rested along the underside of my balls. Slowly, deliberately, she began moving it back and forth. Caressing me in the most intimate way.

    "You know I was the stereotype good girl growing up," she said. "Good grades, never in trouble, virgin till I was 18. But when I went off to college...let's just say I took full advantage if my newly-granted freedom." I listened in silence as her smooth warm thigh continued its exquisite caress of my privates.
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