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  • Do you know if the iPhone 4 cases will fit the 4S? I want that Seido rugged case with holster. That TOTALLY fits my needs and will protect my iPhone when I get it.
    I hate to admit this, but If the iPhone comes to Sprint and I am allowed my upgrade in December, I will have to consider it. I just need to know that my Google services will work on it (Gmail, Google Voice, Google +), because my business (professional musician) depends on those services. This made Android a good fit for me at first, but the HTC Sense interface, the lag on my EVO after the Gingerbread update, and having to tinker with the thing just to get it to work reliably, has become a set of annoyances, that I can do without. I'm also concerned about the inability to swap out the iPhone batter n extended battery. I wish the thing had a Keyboard, because Android's soft keyboard is supremely annoying. Do you know anything about the iPhone 5? Any information on it, would be helpful. Thanks.
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