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  • Hey man...quick question

    my girl and i both have iphones. how do i avoid logging in and out of itunes on my macbook with both of us? or can i. seems to be a pain logging in and out of itunes on my mac. was wondering if there was an easier way to set up multiple iphones on itunes. thanks
    I did. It came yesterday at about 3:00 here in upstate NY. Im liking it better today. Yesterday the transition period was a big rough lol. Im liking it today tho. My girl LOVES her ip4. No problems. Got everything synced from google without a hitch.
    Make sure you check out Amazon and Ebay. I buy most, if not all of my cases from Ebay at a pretty good discount. As you may know with women, it's all about the accessories! :D
    Thanks neur0tk, I appreciate the support! :) I'm not worried in the least. I checked out Creepy's only other post telling his/her sad story of how work bought them a 4S but won't buy them this case for it.... Some people just feel entitled. ;)
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