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  • Back again... sorry..

    Well, I went to the dummy website and used Greenpoison. It's now still on the verbose text scolling and keep saying:

    Failed to get Apple S5L8(blablabla)ARM7M after 250 sec
    ... after 370 sec
    ... after 490 sec
    ... after 610 sec

    should I turn it off or let it work it's way though???????


    hey ; i was wondering if u can help me bro
    i have jail-breaked my iPhone the moment i bought it using limera1n .. everything worked great but after a month the screen just freezed and i had to restore it to the original settings .. since then i have been tryin 2 jail break it again with and without synchrozing it with itunes .. nothing happened though
    Plzzz tell me wt 2 do .. thanx alot in advance
    You have a lot of good insight into the jailbreaking community. I think you'd be a valuable asset to the TiPB staff. IMO, they need more in depth jb coverage, and I'd say you're the best pick in that respect. Excellent posts, man!
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