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    Buyer uses different email addresses and names. He says he lives in NY but lives in Taiwan or Singapore. He has used the same address for 2 transactions here in the forums and probably uses that same address for all transactions. (Flushing, NY). Buyer pays quickly and then wants you to rush and send immediately . He also likes to use skype. I was lucky that I was able to intercept my device and it is on its way back home. I know it says it in the forum guidelines , but do not make any transactions with anyone that is NOT verified through PayPal. And even so, if they message you to send to another address that's not on their account, do not send. (Unless you know the person....like myself). I know a lot of you saw my thread over the weekend and I appreciate your responses and help. Slammers friend passed by the address that I was given and it was an abandoned warehouse. If you google his name you will see lots of different things he is involved in and he seems to be in many different websites. So please be careful. Thank you !!
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    08-29-2016 04:26 PM
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    He's back on these forums going by the name of caote!!!
    09-03-2016 10:30 AM

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