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    Have a great experience in our Marketplace? Want to share the love and thank the buyer or seller for the great transaction? Provide your feedback (positive or negative) in this forum for all to see. It'll help all of our potential buyers and sellers build up 'cred'... and alert our team of any trouble members we may need to reach out to.

    Happy Marketplace-ing!
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    06-25-2014 10:02 AM
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    Awesome addition to the iMore community!

    Thanks James.
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    06-25-2014 10:32 AM
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    Just to give you guys an example to help get you started (I'm the Mod Team Leader over at CrackBerry.com, so I'm like the John Yester of CrackBerry), I copied this instructional format guide from our feedback forum...... (use this a guideline ONLY, ignore the must, it was written a LONG time ago)

    Please use the format below when posting feedback. If a thread already exists for a user, please post in the existing thread and do not start an additional thread.

    Your post must include:
    • Proper title
    • Member's name
    • Transaction date
    • Item (with a link to the original listing to verify the transaction)
    • Feedback details

    Thread title: Feedback for azeis - POSITIVE

    Username: azeis
    Transaction Date: 2/9/09
    Item: AT&T Unlocked Blackberry Bold
    Feedback: I purchased a Bold from azeis and it arrived quickly as promised. No issues at all!



    Thread title: Feedback for ScammerNumberNine - NEGATIVE

    Username: ScammerNumberNine
    Transaction Date: 2/9/09
    Item: iPhone 3G Unlocked
    Feedback: I sent a $400 Paypal payment to this user and received an apple sticker in the mail. I've tried numerous times to contact the seller, however he will not respond to me via email. I have file a claim with Paypal and luckily will be getting my money back. BEWARE!!

    PS: I also posted some of my own actual feedback from my transaction history here at iMore to the best of my memory and via my PM box and email history which you can also use as a guide and example.
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    06-25-2014 01:21 PM

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