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    Thread title: (WTB) Iphone 7 or 7 plus
    Item Description: iPhone 7 or 7 plus at least 128GB
    Price Range: 250 depending on condition
    Condition: good to excellent
    Payment Method: PayPal
    Additional Info:box and accessories would be nice
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)
    Important Notes:
    02-02-2019 06:19 PM
  2. kataran's Avatar
    Our members upgrade so stay tuned someone might have what your looking for
    Just_Me_D likes this.
    02-02-2019 09:35 PM
  3. detfan's Avatar
    Close thread. Found what I needed
    02-03-2019 05:08 PM
  4. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thread closed.
    02-07-2019 08:03 AM

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