1. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    Description: iPad Pro 9.7 Space Gray 128 GB Verizon LTE with tempered glass screen protector installed and zagg shell case.
    Price: Looking for $600 will listen to offers.
    Unlocked or Locked: Verizon Locked
    Condition: Fine
    Includes: original box, charger, zagg shell case, installed tempered glass screen protector
    Location: North Dakota
    Shipping: USPS
    Payment: Paypal verified
    05-07-2017 11:27 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Hopefully, a buyer will come along soon, and best of success to you...
    05-07-2017 07:59 PM
  3. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    While I'm not looking for one, I know a few folks who may be. i'll pass this around.
    05-07-2017 08:19 PM
  4. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    Thanks for the support
    05-09-2017 06:31 AM
  5. ItnStln's Avatar
    Does this have AppleCare+?
    05-09-2017 06:24 PM
  6. worldspy99's Avatar
    Are you open to Apple Store Credit and cash?
    05-12-2017 12:31 PM
  7. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    Sorry has to be Paypal. And no it doesn't have apple care
    05-12-2017 01:49 PM
  8. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    This is still for sale!
    05-17-2017 10:20 AM
  9. pr1nce's Avatar
    Good luck with your sale.
    aximtreo likes this.
    05-20-2017 11:31 PM
  10. jayk82's Avatar
    05-21-2017 07:54 PM
  11. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    This is still for sale price drop to $500
    06-10-2017 12:47 PM
  12. worldspy99's Avatar
    Your mailbox is full.
    06-13-2017 09:26 PM
  13. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    Ya sorry reply again
    06-13-2017 10:11 PM
  14. worldspy99's Avatar
    Ya sorry reply again
    Replied. Thanks.
    06-13-2017 11:13 PM
  15. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    This is still for sale. Listening to reasonable offers.
    06-14-2017 05:35 PM
  16. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    This item is still for sale and I am taking offers!
    06-22-2017 06:24 AM
  17. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    I will take 450 for this iPad. Better hurry before I change my mind.
    06-24-2017 05:03 PM
  18. Wildo6882's Avatar
    I will take 450 for this iPad. Better hurry before I change my mind.
    Any blemishes at all? What about the warranty?
    06-27-2017 01:25 PM
  19. TLD1's Avatar
    Is there a current financial lien to Verizon on the pad or is it clear for activation?
    06-27-2017 03:31 PM
  20. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    It's under financial lie under Verizon. But even Verizon said it can't be sold. But take it down if that is against the rules.
    06-28-2017 09:49 PM
  21. John Yester's Avatar
    Marketplace Rules & Guidelines


    Selling/Including (mentioning) of taking over/continuing existing carrier contracts will not be allowed. Carrier financed or devices with carrier liens are not allowed.
    06-28-2017 10:14 PM

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