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    Item: Gold iPhone 5S 32gb
    Price: $575 OBO
    Carrier: T-Mobile
    Unlocked: YES
    Condition:10/10 In a case since new with Spidgen glass screen protector(currently removed)
    Includes: Many cases. Also includes everything that came in the OEM package including the box
    Item location: Miami, FL 33122
    Shipping details: Free USPS Economy shipping w/ tracker(WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE USA or its current territories.)
    Payment options : PayPal
    Additional info:
    Excellent Apple iPhone 5S in gold. 32gb model. Fully unlocked by AT&T. No balance No iCloud lock. Ready to use on any GSM Network. Shows no signs of use. Has AppleCare+ I wanna say it expires next summer. I got it when the phone was new on launch. Lifeproof case, armband, and car mount included comes with box, headphone adapter screen protector and paperwork. Yes, that is the $175 Element case, yes I am that dumb.


    WTS iPhone 5s 32 Gold Unlocked, lots of accs.-86569hl.jpgWTS iPhone 5s 32 Gold Unlocked, lots of accs.-ivamtcs.jpgWTS iPhone 5s 32 Gold Unlocked, lots of accs.-sgwivib.jpgWTS iPhone 5s 32 Gold Unlocked, lots of accs.-5job8qq.jpgWTS iPhone 5s 32 Gold Unlocked, lots of accs.-vqaxlld.jpgWTS iPhone 5s 32 Gold Unlocked, lots of accs.-bflhney.jpgWTS iPhone 5s 32 Gold Unlocked, lots of accs.-rflup4p.jpg
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    Looks great- good luck with your sale

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    Good luck with your sale
    02-01-2015 09:32 AM
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    Much Better. Looks GOOD......Good Luck with your sale
    02-01-2015 09:44 AM
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    Congrats. Thread closed.
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