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    Hey Guys, I know I'm new here to the iMore forums but I was referred to a friend of mine to the site.
    Anyways I'm preferably looking to trade my white Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 32 gb for an VZW iPhone 5 (black and 16 or 32 gb).

    Condition: 10/10 (I recently got it replaced last month from the Verizon store due to faulty GPS on launch day GS3
    The GS3 is never rooted or flashed so it's in pure stock form and unmolested.
    I'll include the original box with everything that came with it also sync cables (7 ft and 1 ft)
    I have a slight cracked Incipio red case that I got for the GS3 which by my own mistake I was being too aggressive in pulling the case off. I'll include it since I won't have use for it.

    WTT: 32 gb Samsung Galaxy S3 *white* VZW-photo-1.jpg

    WTT: 32 gb Samsung Galaxy S3 *white* VZW-photo-2.jpg

    WTT: 32 gb Samsung Galaxy S3 *white* VZW-photo-3.jpg

    I also have feedback: Turb0x3r |
    It may not be much but hopefully that will comfort some people.

    Edit: GS3 is now running stock JellyBean from the OTA update from VZW.
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    12-12-2012 09:11 PM
  2. Turb0x3r's Avatar
    Sold. Mods please close!
    01-12-2013 01:08 PM

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