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    These cases are made by my wife. I'm just trying to expand the business for her. This is a good community. You can send me a pm or visit her facebook page. So here we go...

    These are all custom handmade gemcoated phone cases made any style for any phone. Visit Facebook.com/gemcoat26 to see latest styles and to custom order your own. Depending on style prices do vary. All payments are to be paid via PayPal. Arrangements can be made at time of transaction.

    Hello Kitty $35 iphone4

    Iphone4 $45

    Iphone4 $35

    IPhone4 $35

    Iphone3gs $60

    HelloKitty $30

    Silver and black

    Bounced off of my JellyBelly into your eye.
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    Crystal beauty $55

    Peacocks paradise $35

    Bounced off of my JellyBelly into your eye.
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