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    Up for sale is some of my Mac home theater equipment and software, namely an EyeTV 500 digital video recorder (like a TiVo for Macs), a ThinkFlood RedEye universal remote, and a Belkin wireless lap-sized keyboard. I used all of this equipment with a Mac Mini (already sold) and enjoyed them all very much. But I recently decided to go a different direction and switched to a Roku for my internet streaming and a dedicated blu-ray player for all discs, along with a Harmony universal remote. So I just want to de-clutter the house a bit. Included in this sale (you're free to buy any or all items):

    * Elgato EyeTV 500 ($250 value). See the pictures here! --> $150
    * Elgato EyeTV 3 software on a CD-R, w/ serial number. I won't need this anymore since I'm giving you the hardware. ($40 value) --> $0 (included with EyeTV on CD-R)
    * ThinkFlood RedEye wifi remote ($200 value). This is a really cool IR dock that allows you to use both your iPad and iPhone (universal FREE app!) as a universal remote. Think Logitech Harmony, but for your iOS devices. It's really cool, and can be administered over your network like you would a router. See the pictures here. --> $125
    * Belkin MediaPilot wifi keyboard. This is a great, compact little laptop sized keyboard. We used it almost exclusively for our media center use. It has a charging "dock" that it sits in to recharge. The dock has a USB cable. The keyboard is wifi though. See pictures here. --> $20

    I also recommend HTPC utilities like Remote Buddy and ControllerMate to round out the full experience. If you find you are interested in using ControllerMate, I will even send you all my Belkin keyboard programming. It will prove to be invaluable to make the keyboard that much more usable on OS X. Believe me, I've spent probably 20-40 hours of programming to make the Belkin work well on a Mac; for instance, when Firefox is open and has the focus, hitting the Skip Right/Left keys will advance between browser tabs. If DVD Player is open and has focus, those same keys interact with the playing DVD, etc. ControllerMate is a super fun utility and you might as well benefit from my work.

    If you have any questions about this sale, email me!

    >>>>> asking $275 for everything combined <<<<<
    10-05-2011 09:28 AM