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    I am cleaning out my closet and have a Vonage phone system which we ended up never using. It is brand new. THe particulars are V-Tech brand broadband telephone system kit for Vonage. It is model IP 8100-2 which has two handsets and the single base station. It is expandable up to 4 handsets. I hate to just throw the brand new system out, so I thought I would offer it here incase there are any vonage users that might be able to use it.

    Looking for $25 shipped in the lower 48 from me to you. More to AK, HI, and other places.
    07-12-2011 10:08 PM
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    PM or email me through the forum if you are interested.
    07-12-2011 10:08 PM
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    07-26-2011 10:38 PM
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    Sold, to the lady with the blue bonnet.
    08-01-2011 11:30 PM