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    Item Description :I have Three Verizon Smartphones that I am looking to trade for a Verizon iPhone. All Three phones have clean ESN's and work well (The Palm Pre is debatable, but that is just how Palm made it )

    Samsung Fascinate: The Samsung Fascinate is in Excellent condition and will be the jewel of the trade. There are no scratches on the screen and the back has minimal wear and tear. I can send this phone rooted or stock. This phone will come with the charger and usb cord, Case with kickstand, Original Box, & 16 GB SD Card

    Motorola Droid 1: This phone works perfectly. Can be sent rooted or not. The condition of this phone is fair. The bezel of the phone has been modded, all the paint has been sanded off to give it a brushed metal look. It is actually really cool and hides how dinged up the edges can get on this device. (The thing that makes me say the phone is in fair condition is that there is dust under the screen. Still a great phone for someone to use, definitely a great dev phone. This phone will come with a wall charger.

    Palm Pre Plus: Phone is in Excellent condition, there are no issues with this phone. It will come with the charger, USB Cable, pouch, Touchstone back (Don't have the touchstone charger) and original box

    Price : Trade for iPhone 4 Verizon

    Item Location : Oakhurst, CA
    Shipping Details : I will pay shipping on these phones if you pay shipping on yours.

    Contact Info : PM Me

    Notes: The spot(s) you see on the Fascinate are dust. The screen is in great shape
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    04-07-2011 12:38 PM
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    Hi. The phones is CDMA? Is unlock?
    04-08-2011 06:14 PM
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    CDMA, set up for Verizon (clean esn)
    04-08-2011 06:34 PM
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    Would consider a Thunderbolt too
    04-12-2011 08:44 PM