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    After serving the best brains of the literary world on the iPhone,
    WordsWorth welcomes you to join the club on the iPad and let the words take


    Experience the power of words in High Definition with the classic game of
    WordsWorth. Link letters to form words on a beautiful honeycomb structure.
    Spin an unravelable web of words and spell out hours of unadulterated fun.


    If you have an appetite for wordplay, prepare to get served by the best
    Wordsmiths on the block! Choose from thousands of players to play against
    and prove your word prowess. Play in Classic or Timed mode or let the words
    topple over in Tumble mode. Beat the best of the lot and become the ultimate
    word champ!


    Win against players from different Clubs and climb up the charts to the most
    elusive Experts Club. Use the various rewards tiles to earn more points.
    Chat with your opponents and get to know fellow Wordaholics! Feel the music
    and magic of words, as you become a part of the addiction that WordsWorth

    Let words be your claim to fame in the WordsWorth hall of fame!

    Play alone or with your friends
    Play in Classic, Timed or Tumble mode
    Use Special tile hints to gain more points
    Choose from 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and 8x8 grids
    Supports official Scrabble word lists TWL/SOWPODS
    Unique rating system to rate the relative skills of players
    Check meaning of words formed and expand your vocabulary
    Supports Game Center achievements and leaderboard

    App Store link:
    WordsWorth HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    03-01-2011 03:04 AM
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    Nice style.
    03-09-2011 09:49 AM
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    WordsWorth v4.0 available on App Store for your iPhone 5!

    The award winning word game WordsWorth has entered the iPhone 5 era with the latest version 4.0 - Word Gamers can now play WordsWorth on the gorgeous 4” display of the iPhone 5 .

    But Wait! There are more changes under the hood! WordsWorth now has a new system of scoring called ‘Star’. Making words using tiles with more ‘dots’ earns the player more Stars, which can be used to Unlock 4 New Power-Ups within the Game.

    Yes folks! There are 4 New Power-Ups designed to Amp Up your gaming experience on WordsWorth. The Power-Ups, 2 of which can be used in every game are detailed below:

    - FINDER: Locates the best word in the grid.
    - REPLACER: Replaces all instances of a letter with one of the player’s choice
    - RESETTER: Resets the Timed Tile back to zero
    - REVIVER: Earns a new life and continues the game

    We have also added Two new clubs - Word Crunchers Elite and Ultimate Word Crunchers!

    Apart from this, WordsWorth has now gone Universal – You can play the game on both the iPhone and the iPad!

    The Word Adventure Begins again with WordsWorth v4.0. Get it here for your iPhone & iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/app/wordswor...mUvbUpU1945122

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    10-25-2012 07:14 AM