1. motox151's Avatar
    I will be getting the verizon version the 10th. ATT sucks in my area and they have no plans to fix it. I live 1/2 mile from 4 towers that have full 3g etc but they are in ohio(im right on the ohio/mi line in mi) I cant even get 1 bar of 2g service its that bad. That being said I have 3 lines on my aco**** which expire in 2012. 2 lines are 16 gig iphone 4's black of course and are mint. They were bought june 2010. The 3rd line we have is just a basic lg slider phone. I pay OTD monthly 173.00 for 3 lines 1400 minutes and the 25.oo data plan on each iphone line

    So take over my plan and I will give you all 3 phones free and be done with att. Or I sell them outright at 400 each and just pay my ETF fees and go that route. Just figured I would give this a shot!! Mods, if this is the wrong, contact me if interested
    01-16-2011 07:30 PM
  2. thegack#IM's Avatar
    hey I live around Toledo oh, if thats where you live by, if possible, I would take over 1 of the iphone 4 lines and throw you lke 50$ if possible. hit me back up if interested.
    01-21-2011 05:00 AM
  3. nstuber3956's Avatar
    ill buy one outright for $400 if you go that route.
    01-23-2011 06:09 AM
  4. motox151's Avatar
    sounds good to both of you. I will be in touch as soon as I order mine on the tenth!

    shoot me an email at ((((Kstandering.usmc@ (((((gmail.com
    01-26-2011 09:57 PM