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    Apple iPhone 3GS Black (32GB) (Unlocked/Jailbroken)
    w/ Case, Under Warranty-AppleCare, Invisible Shield

    I'm selling my phone on eBay, to be safe, protects you and me. If your interested place a bid or buy it now!

    iPhone 3gs 32gb Black

    This phone has only been used for a few months and has very few blemishes or scratches. The phone has been kept in a case with Invisible Shield screen protector, with no water damage.
    You will get the iPhone 3gs 32gb Black, the Invisible Shield Screen Protector, Incase Black case, Apple Charger and Cable, and Headphones with Mic.

    The phone is currently under AppleCare until August 18, 2011, this will transfer to you as the new owner. If anything goes wrong with the phone that's not your fault, its free replacement. If you damage it (water or screen shatter), I believe it's $200.
    The phone has an Invisible Shield screen which has a lifetime warranty, if it peals, just send it back into the company and they will replace it.
    The iPhone will also contain its original SIM Card which allows it to be activated through iTunes even if you don't use AT&T.

    All sales are final, except when the phone or articles included has a gross inconsistency or error.

    I will install any software on the phone, it can be downgraded as low as 3.1.3, and I can put the following on:

    4.0.1 (jailbreakable)
    4.1 (current)
    4.2 beta 2 (sort of unstable)
    or anything inbetween.

    Let me know if you plan on using it on AT&T or not, and if you would like it Jailbroken or Jailbroken and Unlocked.

    I will do free shipping within the US for regular postage. Any rush order or international, I will charge. Please contact me for more information.


    Thank You,
    10-10-2010 04:48 PM