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    I have two iPhones I don't use; a black iPhone 3G and a white iPhone 3GS. The 3G has 8GB of storage, 3GS has 16GB. I'd be willing to sell either one, but I also have a lot of interest in a Nexus one with 3G capabilities on AT&T's network. Please let me know if you have a N1 to trade, or if you'd be interested in buying either phone. More details on the phones:

    iPhone 3G
    -All parts are brand new (phone was previously cracked and broken, sent to ubreakifix and they replaced every part aside from the motherboard). Lightly used since fixed.
    -No box
    -Comes with a charging cord
    -Running iOS 3.1.3, jailbroken

    iPhone 3GS
    -Used for about 6 months, excellent condition. Screen has no scratches at all, housing looks great
    -Box included
    -Charging cord included
    -Running iOS 4.0, not jailbroken

    As an added bonus, the first to buy either phone gets a free dock. Also, if you buy either phone I'll include a deal to buy a lightly used purple mophie juicepack air charging case for $40.

    Send me an e-mail for anything regarding buying/trading for one of my phones, or if you want pictures. I'd really prefer an email over PM, please send all messages to aronyoyos (at) yahoo.com.
    Thanks everyone.
    07-19-2010 12:21 AM