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  1. cjvitek's Avatar
    With the new iPhones coming out, my wife and I will be getting rid of our current models. Pictures or more information provided upon request.

    She has an 8GB iPhone 3G in black. It has been in a case since she got it, so I don't think it has any scratches. It does have a little scuffing around the silver bezel. It is running 3.1.2 OS, and can be jail broken and unlocked. It comes with a couple of cases - an iSpeck candyshell case and a Switcheasy Jelly Bean case. We also have a new, unopened box with a metallic copper case. Original box, manuals, charger, and ear plugs are included. I will be happy to jailbreak (and unlock) if desired.

    I have an 32GB iPhone 3GS in black. The phone is in great conditions, except for a couple of small scuff marks on the corners of the glass. It is running 3.1.3 OS, but has the base band saved on Cydia so it can be jail broken (and I believe unlocked). It also comes with a few cases - a white iSpeck candyshell case, a bunch of different Switcheasy Capsule Rebel cases (to mix and match the styles - red, black, yellow, white, etc). We also have an unopened metallic copper case. All original manuals, chargers, ear plugs, and box included. I will be happy to jailbreak if desired (and unlock, if possible).

    If interested, contact me. I will be happy to send pictures, answer questions, or anything else. We are asking $200 for the iPhone 3G (shipped, via priority mail, with insurance) and $350 for the iPhone 3GS (shipped via priority mail, with insurance). If you want both of them, save $50 - both for $500 (shipped). These prices are on the lower end of what I see on Ebay, but feel free to make me an offer. If I don't get any bites, I will post them on Ebay.

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    06-08-2010 10:58 AM
  2. SmoothB's Avatar
    I would be interested in the 8GB iPhone. Don't have enough posts to send a PM. I'm on T-Mobile, so the phone would have to be jailbroken and unlocked. Would you post pictures?

    06-10-2010 07:59 AM
  3. Behshad's Avatar
    I have pretty much the same phones cjvitek is selling (buy his 1st though )

    a black 3G 8GB in great condition, bought brand new July 2008
    a black 3GS 32GB in excellent condition with apple care through June 16th 2011.
    I got couple of cases for 3G ( few of them very bling-blingish) and one soft case for the 3GS.

    I think the price that cjvitek is asking is pretty fair and if he has sold his and you want a smiliar package and deal, I will offer the same. But please contact him first since he started this thread
    06-10-2010 04:18 PM
  4. cjvitek's Avatar
    Here are pictures of my wifes phone. I took them with my iPhone. There are some scuff marks around the silver bezel around the edges. There are also some scuffs on the back, but I think those can be wiped away.

    I am thinking about selling my 3Gs to Gazelle. If I do, I will be happy to include all the cases I have with the 3G iphone, since Gazelle doesn't take the cases.

    06-10-2010 08:30 PM
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    Double post!
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  6. SmoothB's Avatar

    Everything looks good. Do you accept payment via PayPal? I would be willing to pay a couple of days before you ship.

    06-12-2010 06:29 AM
  7. cjvitek's Avatar
    Great! At airport now, then will have limited access for a couple days (bust with family situation).

    Will contact you on Tue or Wed to work out details.

    3GS is still available for anyone else!
    06-12-2010 03:56 PM
  8. cjvitek's Avatar
    going to be mailing my 3GS to Gazelle shortly if I don't get any interest. No one from Craig's list either.

    06-19-2010 11:18 PM
  9. GuySmiley's Avatar
    Can you verify if the 3GS can be unlocked? If so you have a sell, I just need it to work on TMO.
    06-21-2010 07:58 AM
  10. cjvitek's Avatar
    Message sent.
    06-22-2010 11:47 PM
  11. Lbar1001's Avatar
    I'm interested in buying either one of the 3gs iphones. I want to upgrade from my 3g but i am also on T-mobile.
    06-23-2010 09:40 PM