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    So I've changed my listing, I've decided that if I'm going to get an iPhone I may aswell sell my iPod (It doesn't get much usage these days anyway)

    Therefore, I will sell either the Bold and the iPod, just the Bold, just the iPod OR I will trade both of these for an iPhone 3G (8GB or 16GB) or 3GS if you're willing to do that...

    BlackBerry Bold 9000 Smartphone

    Phone is working condition with some cosmetic marks, but still works perfectly.
    200 asking price
    Accepting: Local cash in hand/pickup, PayPal
    Shipping will be done through Royal Mail (UK)


    Hi, I'm selling my unlocked/unbranded BlackBerry Bold
    This has been a great device for me from day 1, and if I had the choice I would not be selling it but sadly Orange UK have changed all of my current price plans on Pay As You Go.

    I am asking for 200 for this, I am allowing local cash in hand pickup and PayPal.

    For more pictures PM me, I just didn't want to flood this post with them.

    I'll post up some info on the iPod if people request it, it's just your bog standard 4th Gen iPod Nano in Blue, 16GB, few tiny tiny marks which really arn't noticable (I've only noticed them when I've been looking close)
    Hasn't even been used a year, still in great condition.

    Please please, somebody give me an iPhone as I can't afford to keep the BlackBerry anymore! D:
    80 for the iPod alone.
    08-27-2009 04:55 PM