1. cjvitek's Avatar
    Out of curiosity, what (in your opinion) kind of depreciation would I get if I wanted to sell an iPhone 3GS (32GB) with some scuff marks on the glass?

    I am just curious if I could get $200 or so next year when I upgrade again.

    08-03-2009 04:41 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    Yea for sure. The iPhone 3G is still going for around 300ish
    08-03-2009 07:48 PM
  3. jhamilton3's Avatar
    Tramain is correct.. shouldn't have a problem as the 3G still goes for a decent amount.
    08-03-2009 09:02 PM
  4. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    Unless apple goes out of business. Then you could get a 1K easily.

    Just saying.
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    08-03-2009 10:35 PM
  5. Gary Kirsten's Avatar
    Scuff marks on the glass matters I guess. This will devalue the device by a bit.
    08-16-2009 01:41 AM
  6. iModz3G's Avatar
    I dont think you can get them cheaper! I'm selling mines and they are around $350-$250.

    They are great phones but I live in a "GSM Dead Zone" ! hahaha

    Only Verizon works well for me :-(
    09-08-2009 04:05 AM