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    Up for sale is a Mili Power+**Belkin wrist band+iphone car charger. = $40 shipped OBO

    PM me if you NEED pics

    The car charger is not included in the picture but is part of the sale.
    **The wrist band was made for the touch which had the 3.5m jack on the bottom, so its not a snug fit but it kept both my iphones in-tact while running.

    The MiLi powerpack is deffentily a must have for anyone who spends most of their time outdoors and can't recharge their phone, just google "MiLi Powerpack" and you can find more info on it. I used it on my 3GS and it charged my phone for one cycle, however you would have to remove it as soon as its done charging or you will get notifications "its not ment for this phone"; however it works flawlessly on the 3G.

    If you guys are wondering why I am selling all this is because my beloved 3G got stolen, and i purchased a 3GS but the love was not there (what can i say i love my toys), so i ended up selling it, and decided to move to the android community.

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    07-16-2009 01:42 PM