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    $350 for pick up or $375 shipped (Northern NJ-NYC Suburbs)
    ZeybekltdATgmailDOTcom or PM me

    Phone is in great condition and comes with everything from the original box plus;

    -Black Bezel w/red letter keyboard
    -Clip holster
    -Hard case
    -2 Clarivue screen protectors(1 on the phone 1 extra)
    -3 extra trackballs(new)
    -6GB micro SDHC memory card
    -T5 screw driver

    Some ebay feedback : ebay user name is ZEYBEKLTD score is 7 , %100 positive
    (This is my 1st post so cant do full links just put the "obvious" letters in front of the link below for pic)
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    03-30-2009 12:42 AM
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    Sold!!! THX
    03-30-2009 12:18 PM