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    iPod Touch 8gb 2nd Gen F/S

    its in good condition, the back has some scratches due to the fact that when i bought the new ipod touch. its not as bad as it looks, the picture made it looked bad, but its better in person
    There wasn't any case released for it but never dropped it.

    Comes with:
    Griffin Wave case in smoke and black
    Screen protector already on screen, it looks all scratched up from the picture but its just the screen protector.
    Generic remote, the remote works fine, but you cant plug in the ear buds through the headphone jack, so you're going to have to plug in it into the regular hole.
    Everything that came stock in the box. The sync cable, dock piece, original box, instructions, original earphones *edit* (found them).

    Payment: Paypal or Cash pick up/meet up
    BIN: 210 Shipped OBO or 200 pick up/meet up (323) area
    S/O: 180

    if you got any questions PM me or AIM me: SN: LVLCTORL
    check my sig for feedback or my ebay: initialddc5
    more pix upon request

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