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    I connected to both modem/routers via ethernet and was able to access Apple.com just fine... No change to being able to access my website though (i.e. it was not accessible).

    So somebody on another forum found the answer for me; it was a Network Address Translation (NAT) issue - I had this enabled on both modem/routers... Once I disabled NAT on the Netgear C6300BD-1TLAUS (i.e. the ISP-supplied one which provides my actual Internet connection), powered it off for thirty minutes and then powered it back on, the issue was fixed.

    I'm not too sure why it was a problem all of a sudden now (my domain had always worked fine until recently), but it's fixed, so that's what's important.

    Thanks for all the help everyone has given me here though... You guys may not have resolved the issue and the support may have trickled off towards the end - but I was pleasantly surprised at just how much help some of you quickly offered me, so I'm genuinely appreciative regardless.
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    11-28-2018 05:15 PM
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    Where did you find the detailed answer? I also ran into this problem
    01-08-2019 01:59 PM
  3. gregory_opera's Avatar
    01-10-2019 12:08 AM
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