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    I just got a new WD Blue 1TB 3D Nand 2.5" SSD for my 2014 Mac mini recently. I'm running the current 10.13.4 High Sierra. Installing from internet restore went fine. I kept having trouble when I would try to set up time machine or File Vault. When I would run Disk Utility and first aid on my APFS container I would get these warnings every time it checked the first snapshot.

    I just wiped my drive and installed from scratch again and just ran File Vault and it finished. Then ran first aid and again I got these warnings. What it says is:

    warning: invalid stream.default_crypto_id (0x0) for encrypted volume, given apfs_fs_flags (0x8)

    It shows this in First Aid after it says Checking snapshot 1 of 1, then just keeps repeating that line of warning over and over until it says too many warnings and goes to snapshot 2 then finishes with a ok done.

    I never got these errors or warnings on my previous Samsung 850 EVO SSD but had set up file vault and time machine last year. I haven't set up time machine yet so don't know if once I do this will sort itself out. I was just curious about these warnings though and why they are showing up. I've restarted and shutdown and still get them.
    04-27-2018 02:13 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I don’t know what the could be causing the error, but hopefully someone who has experienced something similar will reply soon. In the meantime, contact Apple Support to see if they can offer some assistance.
    04-28-2018 12:30 PM
  3. Coffee4ever's Avatar
    Thank you for your reply. Once I set up time machine which took 3 days, all sorted itself out and those errors for snapshot 1 went away. So all is well now.
    05-01-2018 09:58 AM

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