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    I bought the 12" MacBook with a single port looking forward to moving all the cable and external device clutter (HDD, HDMI port, USB Hub, eSATA adaptor, SD card adaptor, away from my Mac on my desktop. I plugged into it and found the the new range of operation was now 3 inches! The third-pray solutions that have appeared seem enamored with the idea of clamping all that stuff to the side of my Macbook rather the allow it to reside in it's own little community at the back of my desk, connected by a longer cable to my MacBook.
    I am totally puzzled by the lack of any way to remove my MacBook from this desktop stuff easily and leave it all waiting for reconnection with one simple plugin. Or too recline in front of a large external monitor with Macbook on a lapboard with our dragging all those cable around.
    Any ideas.

    PS I love iMore

    PPS How can I know for sure that I am not a robot.

    Jack Corliss
    06-19-2016 07:43 AM

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