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    Last year Apple launched a new MacBook. A new notebook that was thinner than the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, packed with new amazing innovations, and had only 1 port to do everything. Apple called it, "The future of notebooks". It was for the people who wanted ease of use, no wires, and an amazing notebook.

    I was really excited about this product. I waited till they updated their website and straight headed for the comparison chart. The innvovation on the new Macbook is Just Amazing. But the thing I went to search was, how different is it from the old MacBook Air (13 inch). Now the comparison chart just showed the specs; the battery life, processor, etc. Execpt for the thinness and Retina Display, and taking account only specs, the old MacBook Air was better than the new Macbook in every way. The MacBook Air in terms of daily usability only lacks the Retina display (which it'll probably receive with a new update this year). It costs $200-$300 lesser, has a better battery life, an inch larger screen, and more ports to connect to. The new MacBook on the other hand has only 1 new usb type C port, which was used for power, connectivity and replaced all the other ports.

    Now, its been almost a year and you must have gotten bored with the ranting of people saying that "only one port is not convinient", "now we have to buy accessories for more ports" etc, etc. The important point of the discussion is, does this notebook still have a place in the MacBook Lineup and does it need an update. Well, the MacBook mainly functions on wifi and bluetooth, which every other Mac can also do. The old MacBooks can have a litle more functionality too. And we all are hoping that Apple does not stick with this "1 port" thing with other Notebooks as well. But what I learned from the new Notebook was the way Apple was thinking forward. I am Amazed at the amount of innovation that has gone in this product and it certianly did deserve a place in the Apple lineup for a year.

    We know that the technolgy used is going to come on the other MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs to make them more thinner and better. The new Keyboard Mechanism, the new CPU thats 67% smaller, the new batteries, etc are all going to be seen in other products. Also, since the MacBook pro need more ports, it is likely that they would have more than 1 USB- C Ports.Similar more ports would come to the MacBook Air. Then, these Macbooks would be more efficient, making the the "New" MacBook, "old".

    So, after a year, it seems that once the other MacBooks in the lineup are updated, Apple will not update this product; since all notebooks will feature the same functionality. Apple could either replace this one with the Macbook Air, or just remove the MacBook Air all together.

    However, I feel (even its a bit too farfetched) that the MacBook could be updated only for a sole reason of showing what's coming next in the future. It could become the product that shows off the hardwork that goes into research and development, and become a product that reflects what Apple is trying to go forward with. (Just like they did with this one). It would symbolize what Apple wants to achieve. With the next MacBook, Apple could just "Dip their toes in the water" and check the response of the consumers. But then again, it would seem that the MacBook is just a "Product for Developers and Engineers" and the other Macbook's are for the consumers and Enterprises.
    04-11-2016 11:50 AM
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