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    My parents just bought me a Macbook for getting into college. They told me they will not purchase a TV for me when I leave. I don't have any money to buy one, so I would like to use my Macbook as a substitute. How can I connect my Xbox to my Macbook?
    01-10-2016 07:04 PM
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    So what you want to do is use the MacBook screen as the display for your Xbox? So you can play Xbox games on it? A that would suck on such a small screen and B it's just not possible. While the MacBook has HDMI OUT, it does not have any HDMI IN that you would need to do this. There are ways to share content on the two devices, such as a Plex server, BUT it won't let you directly connect and run games with the Mac screen as the display.

    You could start getting into computer gaming. There are lots of cool games for the Mac, plus if you have an iPad or iPhone they have many cool games also. And for your TV viewing pleasure you should look in to getting a program called Kodi (google it and watch youtube videos on how to set it up and how to configure it with cool addons).

    Finally maybe you can either talk your parents in to a cheap TV, OR save up yourself and get one. I found a pretty cool 32 inch 720P 2015 closeout model on Amazon for less than 200.


    PS My parents have one of these brand TV's and while they ARE cheap they ain't too bad, as far as that goes. Another cheap but good brand is Vizio.
    01-13-2016 09:32 AM

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