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    I am in the market for a new laptop and I am thinking of going for my first macbook.

    I will be mainly using it for web browsing, facebook, watching movies and tv shows and also for college work such as typing up assignments and researching.

    I also would like to know is a Macbook worth the extra price compared to windows laptops?

    Any advice on which Macbook to buy would be much appreciated.
    10-01-2014 01:37 PM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Hi Silverman, welcome to iMore, from what you have mentioned I think the MacBook air could fit your needs.
    Is it worth the extra price compared to Windows, it is for me, have both and turn to my MBA more.
    heres a link that might be able to answer more of your questions.
    MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which laptop should you get? | iMore
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    10-01-2014 01:51 PM
  3. Silverman_1's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply.
    I am swaying towards the Macbook air.
    The only other option would be the Macbook Pro with retina and I don't think the Retina would be worth the extra money especially when I won't be doing much strenuous work.
    Is the Macbook air any good for watching movies etc?

    10-01-2014 02:30 PM
  4. taz323's Avatar
    I have watched a few movies on the MBA, and like it.
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    10-01-2014 02:42 PM
  5. Illustrator Joe's Avatar
    Air for sure. It will suit your needs. Want a bit more performance think about upgrading the RAM and processor. I would definitely suggest dropping the i7 in it for $150.
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    10-01-2014 02:58 PM
  6. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    Mac run with no issues, I've never known anyone to get a virus from downloads or websites. We get software updates yearly and they're $20 to free (last year it was free). I've had my MacBook Pro since 2009 and I have no issues other than my hard drive connection cord is loose. I've had my iMac for 3 years with no problem. The air would be great for everything that you mentioned.
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    10-01-2014 03:09 PM
  7. jmr1015's Avatar
    MacBook Air. If you're on a budget, I'd look at a Certified Refurbished one from Apple. You can get a refurb 13" Air for around $800... Comes with the same warranty as new, and is eligible for the AppleCare+ extended coverage plan, just like a new one.
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    10-01-2014 03:19 PM
  8. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    For what you're looking for, I agree, a Macbook Air is all you need. I am currently using a Retina Macbook Pro 13", but my brother has a Macbook Air that gets rented to him from his school, he uses it all the time for exactly the things you're looking to use it for. He has had zero issues with it, it does all of it with ease.
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    10-01-2014 05:20 PM

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