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Best MacBook Pro for photoshop

Asked: Aug 03 2019 | 1:41 pm EDT 1867 Views 2 Answers

I am a photographer and use Photoshop CC in Lightroom CC extensively. I need to replace my MacBook Pro. Which current models would be best, including information on graphics card and processor? Thanks.

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Aug 03 2019 | 7:38 pm EDT Just_Me_D

Since you’re already familiar with the power of a MacBook Pro, all you have to do is decide the amount of RAM and storage you require.
Nov 18 2019 | 1:00 pm EST Craig

I just got the MacBook Pro 16" 1TB I9 16GB Memory w/the upgraded GPU and running PS through CC (+ Bridge / Camera Raw) and it's working w/o a hiccup. I see no lag, zero delay. If you want to custom, you can go to the 2TB drive with 32GB if you want to spend another $1K. I was about to, but now glad I didn't.