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    Water spill got into laptop somehow, then it stopped working.

    It's a MacbookPro 2015 Retina, won't boot after water damage but can hear boot-up sound after SMC Reset, sometimes!

    After SMC reset, (saw charger LED changes: red -> green -> red), the chime sound can be heard, however the screen remains off,
    the back cover Apple LED remains off,
    the Capslock key remains unresponsive,

    BUT, the fan was spinning for a few seconds then turned off, and then nothing happens afterwards.

    I have tried to
    pull off battery cable, and
    long press Power Button, and
    SMC reset, and those combinations in various orders, nothing seem to work.

    However, not every time after SMC there was boot-up sound, only occasionally. (E.g., if I left it there for a few days, I can hear the sound and see the fan spinning after an SMC, but consecutive SMCs have not such effect.).

    Note that the battery seems to be okay; it can be charged from red to green within hours, behaved the same as before in terms of charging time.


    Is motherboard dead? If so, why can I still hear boot-up sound sometimes?

    I am planning on changing the logic board by myself, I noticed it would cost $400 to $700 depends on where i buy it. Is there anything I should pay particular attention to before I buy it? Such as could it be other problems other than motherboard?

    12-26-2018 08:25 PM
  2. kataran's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore

    The worst thing you can do is power up a device while the components are still wet
    12-26-2018 09:18 PM

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